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Root Coaching training course - How to become a professional coach Part 1 - Deze Coaching opleiding is offline

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What will you learn during the ROOT programme?

You will develop a coaching attitude.

You will have a toolbox at your disposal that will enable you to guide clients and employees, and which will help to make conscious decisions, find solutions and take action.

You will learn to coach your clients and employees to develop competencies and have a positive impact on their work environment.


4 x 2 days

1 day of certification, including an assessment of your competencies and a written report.

Your continuous development as coach will be stimulated by:

* 4 hours of coach-the-coach – personal coaching as part of your development as a coach.

* Supervision in a group - (at least) 12 hours: you will coach your colleagues and be observed during the
process. You will receive a video recording and extensive personal feedback from the supervisors and other participants.

* Guidance: ask specific questions by telephone or email.

* Duo coaching: in between each module, the participants will spend a minimum of 4 hours together to discuss and practise different elements; this is also aimed at encouraging integration.

* Assignment: you will conduct assignments in between the modules.

The ROOT programme is for people who:

Want to discover what coaching is, in terms of skills and attitude, and how it can contribute to improving performance and developing your potential; you do not require any coaching experience.

Aimed at:

* Line managers who seek a more development-oriented approach to dealing with people / colleagues.

* (Internal) coaches who have less than 50 hours of explicit coaching experience.

* HR specialists who want to specialise in coaching.

* Consultants who want to broaden their role as advisors through coaching, etc.


8 days of training
1 certification day
4h of coach-the-coach
8h of group supervision
Written feedback concerning the ICF competencies


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